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Winterize Rates

Winterize Rates



Fly Tech Motorsports would like to thank our returning and new customers for their trust in us to service & repair their watercraft this season.  That being said, summer is coming to an end and winter will be here before you know it!


Before storing your Jet Boat or personal watercraft for the off-season,call Fly Tech Motorsports at (231)865-6122 to setup a winterization appointment. 


We winterize and repair most makes and models, including 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines.

Remember, even if your jet skis are stored inside, they still need to be winterized. Proper winterization not only protects your engine from freezing, it also protects from internal damage due to condensation, rust, corrosion and will prevent costly repairs to your PWC / Jet Boat next spring. 

Our winterization process ensures that water is eliminated from the engine cooling system and that the application of lubricants prevents rust formation in and outside your marine engine. 


Winterize Rates


2 Stroke Single Motor.......$65.00

4 Stroke Sea Doo, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha..........................$140.00*

Jet Boat

2 Stroke Single Motor.......$90.00*

2 Stroke Twin Motor........$150.00*

4 Stroke Single Motor......$150.00*

4 Stroke Twin Motor........$240.00*

Sea Doo Mercury Motor....$155.00*


*Pricing applies to most models. Some units that require iridium plugs, excessive oil capacity or special oil filters will be subject to additional surcharges. Contact us for questions regarding your specific unit.

 We disconnect and remove the battery at time of winterization to ensure that there is no draw over the winter.

Store the battery indoors in a warm place such as a shed or garage. We do not recommend storing the battery in your house, as it can give off dangerous fumes.

If the battery case is older, place the battery on a rubber mat for storage. Placing an older battery on concrete may cause the battery to conduct a current and eventually discharge it.

Attach the battery to a trickle charger (we highly recommend and sell the Optimate Smart Charger) and remember to check the battery water level every month throughout the storage period if needed.

Once Fly Tech Motorsports has properly winterized your PWC, you will need to find a safe location to store it. Remember to keep it away from flammable substances as your PWC will have fuel in the gas tank. If you choose to remove the tires off of your trailer, to prevent dry rot, use concrete blocks or a jack to hold the trailer in place. If you decide to leave the tires on your trailer, place blocks of wood under the tires to minimize corrosion. Unlatch the seat so air can circulate and and prevent moisture build-up. Next, place a rag or steel wool inside the exhaust pipe to prevent any animals from nesting inside. Finally, use your cover to keep your Jet Ski clean and protected during storage.


Be sure to ask about our Pre-Order 10% discount on Covercraft Custom-Fit Covers.  Select you cover when you drop off your watercraft for winterization and we will have it on your Jet Ski when you pick it up. Say goodbye to molded seats and faded paint.




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